Story Matters

“Story-Matters” is a call for everyday believers to share for 1-3 minutes in the Sunday morning worship service about a way in which God has encouraged you, challenged you, or used a particular Scripture to speak to you.  Help people connect with Jesus by hearing how he is working in your life through struggles, successes, sorrows, and joys.

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Channing brought me to the church; she was involved in the after school youth program and the pancake breakfast. She wanted to participate in the camp and I told her we needed to become more involved.

I stayed because of the people and the genuine love that was displayed.  I also liked the service part of the church.

~ Dee ~   

People at Urban Heights are just regular people, but I’ve stayed at Urban Heights for all these years because there has always been a core of friends that were serious about loving Christ with all their Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength which is reflective of the way they accept people of all cultures and backgrounds and encourage each other to be graceful and caring with each other and in our community. I’m a better person because they share their thoughts with me on Bible verses, how they are trying to live them out in their lives.

~ Bruce ~

Before finding Urban Heights our family attended a large church.  Despite our 2 years of involvement in bible studies and volunteering, we couldn't find meaningful friendships. Without these relationships, it felt as if we were going through the motions of faith without substance. God put in our hearts to look for another church. After attending only one service, it was clear God called us to Urban Heights.  Urban Heights is not a church of fancy features-it is a church where the Holy Spirit is noticeably alive and active.  Within weeks we connected with our now closest friends who walk this journey of faith with us.

~ Heather ~

It's hard to believe we've been a part of urban heights now for 2 years! We have found an amazing group of friends that are more importantly our family. Thank you all for the blessing you are in our life!

~ Bobbie ~


When we felt called to join Urban Heights six years ago, the church was at a low point.  About 30 people were praying, “Lord, we want to follow you.  We want to impact our community with the gospel.  We just don’t know how.  Please show us.”  At that time, our two little girls were the only children in Sunday School.  Today, 35 children from the English-speaking and Congolese congregations learn together.  The English-speaking church has doubled in size and the Congolese (Shalom) congregation is even larger.  Several young families have brought additional vitality.  If you are looking for a group of authentic people with whom you might follow Jesus and be involved in his mission, check out Urban Heights Covenant Church.

~ Michael ~

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