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2018 Global 6K for Water

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Thank you all for your help and participation in Global 6K for Water! 
It was so great to have so many people working for such a good cause.
I know that helping provide water for under resourced people is something many of you are passionate about.
So I just have to say that you are passionate about it, because God is passionate about it.
Our God cares deeply about the broken-hearted, the oppressed, the under-resourced and under-privileged in our world.
Jesus began his ministry saying that he had come to proclaim good news to the poor and freedom to the prisoners,
to offer recovery of sight to the blind and to set the oppressed free.
On May 19, 2018, we partnered with over 30,000 people worldwide to make
a difference in the lives of many of God’s beloved children!


Child Sponsorship:
One of the ways you can continue to help children in need is to sponsor a child.
If you have a bib with a child other than Ruth, then you even have the opportunity to sponsor that specific child.
Sponsoring is $39 a month and helps provide your child with clean water and sanitation,
nutritious food, education, basic healthcare, and economic development for their area.
Sponsoring a child also connects you to that child through emails, letters, photos, etc.,
so that you can personally get to know your child.
You can find more about sponsoring a child here or
text the word SPONSOR to 56170 to sponsor the child on your bib.


This 6K was so successful we are going to make it our First Annual Global 6K for Water, and plan to host them yearly!


For God’s Glory and Neighbors Good,


Pastor Tyler


6k run

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